Richmond STD testing is a convenient, confidential facility where a person who suspects that they might have contracted an STD can go in and get a blood test to determine if that is true. I takes about 3 business days to get the results from quality STD testing in Richmond.

The results from the lab test does not appear on your medical records or your insurance records unless you give permission. If you should happen to test positive, a phone consult is arranged for you and counseling is also set up if you so desire. Treatment can be received by medical practitioners at this center or by a physician or clinic of your choice.

LabCorp and Quest, two of the largest and most reliable lab services in the nation are used and the results are very trustworthy.

The Multi-Service Clinic provides STD testing by appointment only. STD service are available in t he East Clinic only. Services are provided by a fee schedule based on a sliding scale proportionate to income.

As in most major communities, STDs are of major concern in Richmond, and every effort is being made to inform people of their consequences. It is usually more of a problem with younger people and minorities than any other group, and these are the groups that are least informed about the consequences of STDs.

Once a person is tested positive for STD, they are informed and treatment is offered, or they are referred to a family doctor or clinic of their choice. Counseling is available if the patient desires it. An attempt is always made to inform the partners of the patient, and if the patient does not remember their name, a nickname or a description is sought, as many times they can be tracked down.

People can be 'cured' of gonorrhea, Chlamydia and other STDs and get it back again by having sex with an exposed person, or they can give it to multiple partners. That is another reason to attempt to track down partners, so as to stop the chain of contamination.

The goal is to inform people of the proper ways to have safe sex. Even with the use of condoms, there is still some chance of infection if the disease is transmitted by open sores such as in herpes, the sore could be on a part of the body such as a leg that the condom does not cover.


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